Work Brighter.

We build solutions that optimize employee engagement, performance, and evolve culture -all while delivering an unparalleled employee experience.


Build Your Stack.

Choose from modular components that work together to deliver a tailored, seamless experience for your company.

Performance Management

Create alignment so your team can execute the game plan together.

Employee Engagement

Gather insights to shape and evolve company culture.

Recognition & Feedback

Give public praise or private tips to anyone at any time.

Intranet & Brand Portal

Reach every employee and create one community across locations.

Communications Link

Encourage ideas, innovation, and red flag reports through Link.

People Analytics

Cohesive data and analytics to guide decisions in-real-time.

Why Brightfox?

We make your magic formula work.

Power your employee experience on a single platorm.

We Enable Growth

Brightfox is designed to help you scale the right way, with data & insights to guide people decisions in-real-time, on one powerful platform.

We Optimize Company Performance

We focus on individual employee experience and inputs to optimize team and company performance.

We Deliver Your Talent Experience

We bring your brand to life and help you shape culture, control the narrative, and create one internal community.


Trusted Third Party

We serve as a trusted third party to collect, anonymize, and protect sensitive data so that your employees are comfortable being candid and open.

Different by Design

We’re changing the way employee experience is delivered.

Lear more about us

We help companies like yours to optimize employee engagement & performance at a drastically lower cost.

Modular Components

Start building your stack and add on features as you scale. You only pay for what you need, when you need it. The alternative is multiple solutions at a higher cost, higher admin burden, and fragmented user experience.

Intuitive Design

Achieve higher product adoption and engagement with a single integrated platform that delivers a better user experience for your people.

Cohesive Data

Your data points, across the platform, work together to provide deeper insights and guide more effective decision-making in real time.


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