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Talent Experience for the Digital Age.

February 5, 2018

We’re building the world's first true talent experience technology. 

Here's why it matters to you.   


 Work, Work, Work.

There are few things as pervasive in our lives as the work that we do. Everyone can relate to the concept of “work”. Whether you work for a small company, a large enterprise, or for yourself, work is likely a significant part of your life.  We spend more time at work, practicing our art, honing our craft, and pursuing our professional goals and dreams, than we do with our friends and family. As in so many other parts of our lives, technology plays a critical role in enabling us to perform our work, interact with our colleagues, and engage with our companies. We seek meaning and purpose in our work because it plays a huge part in our day-to-day happiness and impacts how fulfilled we are overall in life. Designing and building technology that has the potential to improve every person’s work experience, while increasing their chances of professional success, is a worthwhile mission.


The demand for better technology in a 15B market.

Companies understand that people are their most valuable asset, and that optimizing performance and engagement leads to better business outcomes. Thus, it’s no surprise that companies are increasingly investing significant amounts of time and resources to buy and implement technology intended to create more inspiring work experiences, evolve culture, and optimize performance. Leaders want to gain insights into our thoughts and opinions, reward and recognize us, and create more meaning and purpose in our work. Over the last decade, organizations have also been under increasing pressure to differentiate their “talent experience” and “talent brand” in order to attract and retain the best talent. Companies and their HR professionals continue to create strong demand for technology to support these efforts.


There’s a huge problem with HR tech and it affects everyone, not just HR.  

Despite being the primary users of "HR tech" products, people must entrust their companies to select and implement the right technology. Unfortunately, the right technology does not exist today. With the current state of the market, there isn’t even one solution that was designed for people, (not HR), mapping their journey, optimizing the talent experience, connecting all the major touch-points along the way.


Instead, there is an over-saturation of point solutions, designed to help companies solve one problem at a time, one product at a time. For lack of a more comprehensive approach, companies are buying multiple point solutions, sometimes as many as six, and “duct taping” them to together through integrations and single sign on, or worse, operating each one as a stand alone.  One system to survey, another to set goals, another to reward and recognize, another to support internal communications, and so on. 


This “point solution” approach is the problem. Point solutions create a high level of technology fragmentation that directly translates into a number of problems, including poor product adoption, sub-optimal user engagement, and lost information and insights. Most importantly and worst of all, this results in a broken, frustrating user experience for people (the primary users). Simply put, this makes work harder for everyone and substantially defeats the role that technology should play in our work experiences. You don't have to imagine the impact...you've probably experienced it firsthand, whether you're an HR professional, a team leader, or an employee. 


There is a clear need to design and build a better, more complete solution, with a higher bar for technology, design, functionality, and innovation.


We’re connecting the dots.

There are a number of key elements to the work experience that should be supported by a single, unified platform that provides a complete experience for people, while optimizing outcomes for companies.​ We're reimagining how technology supports career journeys, with seamless transitions from one stage of the talent life-cycle to the next, connecting the dots that define how we work, socialize, engage, and perform. With Brightfox, companies and their people will go faster, go farther, together.  


People tech, designed for both form and function.

Brightfox is an intuitive, responsive, intelligent SaaS platform, neatly modularized into six independent components that, together, create an unparalleled life-cycle talent experience.  When it launches, Brightfox will be the first and only truly unified life-cycle technology experience designed for people. 


The potential to impact every person’s mission.

Our mission is to help you deliver yours. To enrich the work experience for people everywhere, and to help companies deliver a tech-enabled talent experience that optimizes performance and engagement, leading to better business outcomes.


The power to do more.

Brightfox is focused on much more than building beautiful, functional, engaging products. Our goal as a brand is to establish trust and inspire loyalty with our customers, users, and partners. The core of our focus is to empower companies and their people to think bigger, act more boldly, feel more passionately, and achieve more.





Founded in 2017, Brightfox is a pre-launch, early stage technology company working on designing and building innovative enterprise solutions in the human capital SaaS space. We are passionate about the role that technology plays in our work experiences and professional success. We’re working backwards from the assertion that when people achieve success, their organizations reap the many benefits. We're looking for smart, talented people to join our mission. Please visit our careers page to learn more.



Deena has spent the last two decades leading the People functions of some of the world’s most admired and innovative companies.  Over that time, she has accumulated a diverse and broad set of experiences and gained insights into how people engage and perform in different industries, such as fashion, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, and technology. She has led small teams, large teams, global teams, and built teams from scratch in high and hyper-growth environments, for companies at various stages of their life-cycle, from mature organizations, to IPO, and early-mid stage start-ups. Deena has also spent the last 10 years of her career as a superuser and buyer of HR tech. Her broad and deep understanding of the HR tech landscape uniquely positions her to lead Brightfox and its mission.




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